Dr Israr Ahmad

[Brighter Kashmir] Dr Israr Ahmad

He was fond of learning and popularizing the Holy Quran from the very beginning, he learned the Holy Quran during his practice.

Dr. Israr Ahmed was not just a personality but a whole movement. He dedicated his entire life to the understanding of Quran. During his student days, Allama Iqbal's soulful poetry developed his mental and emotional path. The hope of practical struggle for the revival of Islam began to grow in the chest. That is why Dr. Israr Ahmad became associated with Islami Jamiat e Talaba Pakistan. He was such a dynamic person that soon he was elected as the chief administrator of Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan.Dr. Israr Ahmad was born on April 26, 1932 in Hisar, a town in East Punjab. In November 1947, he came to Pakistan after travelling on foot for twenty days. Got fourth position in FSC (Pre-Medical) from Government College Lahore in Punjab University. He did MBBS from Medical College Lahore in 1954 and passed MA Islamic Studies examination from Karachi University in 1965 in first position.Dr. Israr Ahmad moved to Lahore in late 1965 and started practicing by establishing a clinic in Krishnanagar. Since he was fond of learning and popularizing the Holy Quran from the very beginning, he learned the Holy Quran during his practice. Established several circles for the spread of Hakeem's teachings. He believed in practical struggle in this regard. Therefore, he started working for the implementation of Islam on the platform of Jamaat-e-Islami. In 1955, he became a member of Jamaat-e-Islami and was the Ameer of Montgomery (Sahiwal) during 1956-1957. But in April 1957, due to a disagreement, he separated from Jamaat-e-Islami and established a Quran Study Circle and Islamic Hostel in Sahiwal. When Dr. Israr Ahmad performed the Hajj Baitullah in February 1971, he made the most important decision of his life and decided to give up his future medical practice and devote the rest of his life to the service of religion. He established the central Anjuman Khudam al-Qur'an for the promotion of Quranic ideas. He believed in practical struggle for dominance and establishment of religion, so in 1975 he founded a movement called "Tanzeem Islami" for the great mission.For the promotion of Quranic teachings, he carried forward the mission of "Return to Al-Qur'an" in the form of a movement and for this purpose he started regular Quranic lessons. attracted to This circle became so wide that he established a regular Quran Academy in Model Town and started teaching Quran in the mosque which continued till the end. Along with teaching the Qur'an, he also started writing and compiling. Dr soub started three academic and intellectual magazines. Dr soub also left a collection of thought-provoking books from his past that hold high academic standing in the world. Among them, the most important books are as follows: The Stability of Pakistan, Islam and Pakistan, Allama Iqbal and Us, Minhaj Iqbal al-Bavi, Past, Present and Future of the Past and Present Ummahs, Rights of the Holy Quran on Muslims, etc. In particular, he wrote several books on the teaching of the Holy Qur'an, some of which were prepared for his lessons on the Qur'an, including Path of Salvation: In the Light of Surah Al-Asr, Studying the Selected Curriculum of the Holy Qur'an, Qur'an and Aman Alam, Jihad with the Qur'an and its Five Fronts, Overview of the Surahs of the Holy Quran, Holy Quran and Our Responsibilities, The Greatest Blessing of the World: The Holy Quran, Introduction to the Holy Quran with the Exaltation of the Holy Quran and Explanation of the Holy Quran.Dr. Israr Ahmad was translating and interpreting the Quran under the name "Bayan Al-Qur'an". He had completed the translation of the Qur'an up to Surah al-Nisa. The first part of "Bayan al-Qur'an" which consisted of Surah Al-Fatiha and Surah Al-Baqara, with an introduction to the Qur'an, had come into book form, but the demand for a return to the Qur'an was not supported by life.Undoubtedly, Dr. Asrar Ahmad's Quranic lectures and speeches were widely accepted. When you opened the eyes of consciousness, the whole world was covered with humiliation. Allama Iqbal experienced this situation as followsHe was respected in his time as a MuslimAnd you become a dark Qur'an!This verse of Allama Iqbal became consciously embedded in the mind of Dr. Israr Ahmad and as stated that he decided at an early age that he would try to popularize the teaching of the Qur'an. He did not turn to any aid nor did he enroll in any Darul Uloom, but studied in school and college. Dr soub was a student of science and medicine. He was fond of Arabic language since his childhood.At the same time, you started studying the Holy Quran and various commentaries and your lessons started being discussed. Allama Iqbal's influence was found in Dr. Israr Ahmad's lessons on the Qur'an, and the concept of the supremacy of Syed Abul-Ali Maududi and Abul-Kalam and the concept of Iqamah-e-Din was conceived. Dr. Israr Ahmed had a great skill in the delivery of words. He knew how to use appropriate Persian and Urdu poems according to the occasion and place. Perhaps this was the reason that his lessons of the Qur'an were so widely accepted by Allah Ta'ala. Public lessons became the Quran, 20,000 people used to participate in the lessons of the Quran for hours used to. In order to save time from wasting, it is necessary to follow God-friendly and pious people like Dr. Israr Ahmed and get light from their actions. What was the position of Dr. Sahib in knowledge and understanding and what not Regardless, we are all witnesses to the fact that he devoted his entire life to the pleasure of Allah and the establishment of religion. May Allah Ta'ala grant them a high position in His mercy.