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A Brandeis Career Hero is a faculty or staff member selected by students who made a significant contribution to students' professional or career objectives. Career happens everywhere across the Brandeis campus and faculty and staff are an important part of the career ecosystem.

As part of exploring careers and finding professional opportunities networking is one of the most utilized and helpful approaches for Brandeis students. Along with employers and alumni Brandeis faculty and staff are an incredible resource for students! Connect with staff and faculty to learn more about career fields, graduate studies and professional opportunities!

How to Reach Faculty Use the ForagerOne platform to find faculty mentors, research funding, and paid research assistant jobs at Brandeis. Explore recent faculty research or review the directory of centers and institutes at Brandeis to discover what’s happening at the intersection of scholarship and public engagement Connect with your Undergraduate Advising Heads (UAHs), who are faculty advisors within academic departments that can help you explore majors and minors. Examples of Outreach

Most faculty and staff have office hours, which are designated times set aside for students to drop in with no appointment needed! Faculty office hours are often listed on course sites, department websites, or the Professors' email signatures. You can also email faculty to schedule a time to meet with them or confirm their availability during office hours.

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Dear Professor Brandeis,

I was referred to you by Professor Hitchcock who suggested I get in touch with you. I am currently a second year student in ENVS, interested in summer opportunities with climate research.

I see that you’ve been involved with several local climate groups, and I’d appreciate hearing more about your perspective on local organizations. Would you have time in the next few weeks for me to drop by for 30-minutes?

Thank you, 



The written opening is formal – use “Dear ___,” not “Greetings,” “Hello,” or “Hey”

If you know their title -  use: “Professor,”  or “Dr”

When Appropriate  - If someone has referred you, be sure to have the person’s permission to get in touch with the contact and to use their name.

Share the relevant details about your year in school, what you are studying, and what you are genuinely interested in (why you’re contacting them).

You do not need to start the email with your name, since it will appear at the bottom of the message 

Remember you are not asking for a job - share what sparked your interest in them 

Briefly tell the person why you would like to talk to them and if you would prefer to speak in person, on the phone of via video 

Introduce yourself and ask questions about a faculty's research interests and how they got started.

What trends do you see in their field of study?

How did you find a mentor or advisor?

What skills do you think are important for success in this field?

What classes are important for working this field?

Have you hired or mentored undergraduate students in the past?

Who do you recommend I talk to, so I can learn more?

For additional resources check out the Hiatt Outreach Template and the Sample Networking Questions.

Power of the Brandeis Network

The Brandeis network includes a wide range of perspectives, academic interests and experiences. Brandeis alumni, faculty, staff and community members are part of top local, national, and international employer as well as advanced-degree programs all over the country.

Join The Rise Together Mentor Network - an online platform for Brandeis students and alumni from all over the world to make connections, exchange career advice, expand their network and learn more about industries, careers and the world of work.

Brandeis alumni want to help meet you, and Rise Together helps you get connected to them.

“Network, network, network! Take advantage of all the wonderful alumni, faculty and professionals that are not only willing, but eager, to help you. And don't be afraid to explore different career paths!” —Shoshana Fiorino ‘21

2022 Career Heroes 

Each of the 2022 Brandeis Career Heroes were selected by students for making a significant contribution to their professional or career objectives. Explore all 134 faculty and staff members who received this year's award in the gallery below.

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Share Your Approach with Colleagues

Most faculty say that student career and professional development is our collective responsibility as a university. Share your best practices with colleagues, let them know what's working and how to make career and professional development a regular part of their work. How are you currently supporting or mentoring students? How have you integrated professional development into your teaching? These small steps can make a huge impact on students. 

Display Your Award

Let students know you are here to help them in their professional journey. 

How Can Hiatt Support Your Work?

Brandeis faculty and staff are valuable partners, learn more about how we can support your work with students and who to get in touch with. 

Our career team works with all students, and we have our own backgrounds and specialties. Students find the best person to speak with by: question topic, industry area, or alpha split by last name (for first year students). We are here to help facilitate connections and provide resources and training to help you.