IMM Istanbul Foundation's 'Grow Your Dreams' Project is in Trabzon

[RaillyNews] IMM Istanbul Foundation's 'Grow Your Dreams' Project is in Trabzon

Realizing the 'Grow Your Dreams' project under the roof of the IMM Istanbul Foundation for girls to walk towards an equal and beautiful future, Dr. Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu came to her hometown of Trabzon for a new meeting she held throughout the country. Carrying out his program, which consists of two different districts, under the interest of his fellow countrymen, Dr. İmamoğlu sat down at the table consisting of local delicacies, stood at the horn, and accompanied the songs of little musicians. Giving the children the book 'Inspiring Steps', the first work of the 'Grow Your Dreams' project, Dr. İmamoğlu said, “Our girls can achieve anything they want. I am sure that they will never give up the struggle to be successful in every aspect of their lives.”

Academician Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu came together with her girls and fellow countrymen in Trabzon within the scope of the 'Grow Your Dreams' project, which she pioneered. Visiting schools in different provinces and districts of Turkey with Perihan Yücel, the General Manager of IMM Istanbul Foundation, and the accompanying delegation, Dr. İmamoğlu paid a visit to two schools and İskofiya Sports Club in Tonya and Çarşıbaşı districts of his hometown of Trabzon. Presenting the book 'Inspirational Steps' to girls, Dr. İmamoğlu said that as in the story of the 40 women in the work, they can be successful in any field they want their daughters to be.


İmamoğlu, who started the first day of the two-day Trabzon program with a visit to Necmettin Karaduman Primary School in Sayraç District of Tonya district, was warmly welcomed by the people of the neighborhood. Thanking the neighborhood headman and his fellow countrymen for their sincere hosting, Dr. İmamoğlu met with primary school 1,2,3 and kindergarten students at the school. Giving the students the 'Inspirational Steps' book, as well as a school bag, winter supplies and stationery set, Dr. Imamoglu also did not break the invitation to the table, which consisted of local delicacies such as black cabbage rolls, corn bread and kuymak. In the school garden with the neighborhood residents after the treat sohbetImamoglu, who was put in the e-mail, did not refuse the call of the horon, he stopped the horon.


Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu, who made her second visit of the day to Yavuz Primary School in Çarşıbaşı district of Trabzon, received information from the school principal about the education period. Dr. During İmamoğlu's visits, the last address of the day was İskofya Sports Club operating in Çarşıbaşı district. İmamoğlu was welcomed with a musical feast during his visit to the club, which contributes to the country's sports by bringing young girls in Trabzon and its region into its infrastructure. The recitals of Ada on the violin and Azra on the guitar enchanted the audience. Giving the book 'Inspirational Steps' to the young athletes of the İskofiya Sports Club, Dr. İmamoğlu with the tiny, young and A-Team members clustered around him. sohbet he did. Advising girls to work hard at school, Dr. İmamoğlu said, “Our girls can achieve anything they want. I am sure that you will never stop striving and growing your dreams. I know that you will achieve success in every area of ​​your life.”


To contribute to the education of girls, Dr. The 'Grow Your Dreams' project, led by Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu, is growing. The 'Grow Your Dreams' project, which provided scholarships to 300 female students last year, reached 1.000 female students this year.

The book 'Inspirational Steps', which collects 40 inspiring women's stories from 40 authors, provides hope for the education and future of female students. The book, which is still on sale, tells the stories of women who have left their mark in Turkey and the world. The income from the sale is also reflected to the female students as a scholarship. It can be obtained from many bookstores, especially the Istanbul Bookstore. Those who want to buy the book in bulk and support the project can also contact the Istanbul Foundation at

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