Jourdanton ISD recognizes school board appreciation

[Pleasanton Express] Jourdanton ISD recognizes school board appreciation

The Jourdanton School Board members were recognized and received gifts from all campuses for School Board Appreciation Month at their January meeting. President Barbara Peeler admitted, “Nobody will ever know the pride I have in Jourdanton schools.” Members Phillip Netardus and Kendall Schorsch added that the campus administrators make their job easier because all their hearts are in the right place when it comes to the students.

Tax Collections Report

Ronald Rocha gave a brief overview of the delinquent property taxes collection. On February 1, taxes become delinquent, after which collections come into play up to and including seizure and tax sale. For 2020/2021, there was approximately $830,000 in overdue amounts.

Payment arrangements can be made and there is also tax payer assistance for qualified payers.

Thirty law suits were filed last year in the amount of $80,000. There were 16 sales, eight were struck off and there were five dismissals.

From 2018 the collection rate was 99% to 2022 the rate increased to 99.4%. Rocha pointed out that there would never be 100% collection rate due to tax laws including deferrals, over 65 and such.

The taxing districts do not pay his company; that charge is passed on to the taxpayer.

Collegiate Edu-Nation

There was a presentation by Dr. Kim Alexander, CEO of CEN, regarding the rural schools and college preparedness.

Their vision is: “To achieve the highest student performance outcomes in the country resulting in the reinvention of rural community economies and better quality of life.”

While 99% of jobs require a postsecondary education, yet only 13% from rural schools go to college. By providing Early College High School and dual credit classes, they would help take the cost of living out of the cost of college.

By laying a strong foundation, they begin in the early school years to make education more accessible and affordable, working toward high wage/high demand jobs in rural area by “grow your own.”

Peeler asked what they offered JISD and how much would it cost?

Alexander answered that they are there to assist the district by spending a year to working out a plan and offer support for the implementation of the program. They assist with grants and give a two-year support, bringing in many resources. They are there to help remove barriers to students for those high wage/high demand jobs and avoid “soft” degrees.

His organization, he added, is grant funded. He finished with saying his slogan is, “I don’t care where you come from, I want to know where do you want to go.”

Dr. Tracy Canter, Superintendent, said that she wanted to bring him to the meeting for an introduction and to consider his operation for something that JISD might want to look into later.

Consent Agenda

The minutes of the previous meetings, the business office report and the non-conflict of interest bills were on this agenda. The tax collection for the month was $1,785,190.73 with a year-to-date total of $2,848,019.69. Checks for the month totaled $501,214.79. Approval was unanimous.

New Business

The conflict of interest bills were accepted for payment with Peeler and Greg Vyvlecka abstaining.

Prosperity Bank was chosen again as the bank depository for the district. Netardus made the motion with Vance Jupe seconded. Motion was approved unanimously, with Nicole Rakowitz and Rita Munoz also voting for.

A Public Hearing to discuss the district’s 2021- 2022 Texas Academic Performance Report was schedule for February 13 at 6:00 pm. The regular meeting will be held immediately following the presentation.

The board approved Coleman, Horton & Co. as an independent auditor for fiscal year ending August 31, 2023.

Teacher’s Contracts

It was agreed to offer Regina Tijerina a contract for the remainder of the school year as a sixth-grade math teacher.

Superintendent’s Report

Canter said that she has been enjoying the campus visits and the leadership team walkthroughs individual classes.

The swipe entry on the doors has been completed, but the new student and teacher badges that will allow entry are not in yet.

The one resignation for the month was Julia Saenz, sixth grade math teacher.