Learn about Herman Quirmbach, running for reelection in Iowa Senate District 25

[The Des Moines Register] Learn about Herman Quirmbach, running for reelection in Iowa Senate District 25

Learn about Herman Quirmbach, running for reelection in Iowa Senate District 25

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From 2022 races to caucus action, what to watch for in Iowa politics

It's an election year: Look for no shortage of news from Gov. Kim Reynolds' and Sen. Chuck Grassley's reelection races to early Iowa caucus action.

Megan Bridgeman, Wochit

Democratic state Sen. Herman Quirmbach faces Libertarian Jordan Taylor in the race for an Ames-based district this year.

Quirmbach and Taylor are running to represent Iowa Senate District 25.

To help voters, the Des Moines Register sent questions to all federal, statewide and Des Moines area legislative candidates running for political office this year. Their answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Taylor did not respond to requests to fill out the candidate questionnaire.

Early voting begins Oct. 19 for the Nov. 8 election.

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Who is Herman Quirmbach?

Age: 71

Party: Democrat

Where did you grow up? Brookfield, Wisconsin

Current town of residence: Ames

Education: Brookfield (WI) Central High School; B.A., cum laude, Harvard (Major: Government); M.A., Ph.D., Economics, Princeton.

Occupation: Economics professor, ISU (retired)

Political experience and civic activities: Senate: Education (Ranking Member), Commerce, Local Government, Ways & Means Committees; Education Appropriations Subcommittee; College Student Aid Commission; Tobacco Commission.Ames City Council: Mayor Pro Tem, Story County REAP Committee, Convention & Visitors Bureau Board.Co-Chair, Veterans Memorial Committee; Treasurer, Patriotic Council; Kiwanis; League of Women Voters; Education Awards: Iowa Alliance for Arts Education, NAACP-Ames, & Campaign for Grade-Level Reading;Public Health Awards: Story County Tobacco Task Force, Coalition Against Domestic Violence, & NAMI.

Who is Jordan Taylor

Age: No response

Party: Libertarian

Current town of residence: Ames

Education: No response

Occupation: No response

Political experience and civic activities: No response

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What would be your top issue should you be elected?

Quirmbach: Education is the issue where I have concentrated the most work. We need better funding at all levels. We need to restore respect for teachers and for academic freedom at all levels. We need to address student mental health. We need to protect university faculty tenure.

I am also committed to improvements in environmental protection, fairer taxes, and better job opportunities.

Taylor: Did not respond.

Iowans are struggling with rising costs and inflation. What can the state do to help them make ends meet?

Quirmbach: Hold down tuition by restoring state funding to public universities and community colleges.

Expand affordable housing to hold down rents.

Raise the minimum wage.

Restore collective bargaining rights for teachers, firefighters, police, librarians, public health workers, and other public workers so they can negotiate fair, living wages.

Taylor: Did not respond.

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What do you believe Iowa’s abortion policy should be? Do you think abortion should be banned entirely? Do you think Iowa should have no restrictions? If you believe there should be some restrictions, please be specific about the restrictions and the exceptions you support.

Quirmbach: Restore women’s rights to make their own health care decisions without government interference. Return to the standard of Roe v. Wade, which served us well for nearly 50 years.

Taylor: Did not respond.

What is the best way to improve Iowa’s education system?

Quirmbach: Restore funding for public schools, community colleges, and public universities, which has fallen drastically short of inflation over the last 6 years. Restore respect for teachers and pay competitive salaries to address the teacher shortage. Defend educational rights of all students. Teach history honestly. Restore collective bargaining rights. Provide more resources to support the mental health of students.

Taylor: Did not respond.

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What new laws, if any, do you believe Iowa should pass regarding guns?

Quirmbach: Implement universal background checks. Restrict access to assault rifles. Restrict access of domestic abusers like the shooter at Cornerstone Church. Require trigger locks and safe storage when children are present.

Taylor: Did not respond.

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