LeBron James Attends Son Bryce James’ Varisty Debut, After his NIL Valuation Climbs to $903,000

[The SportsRush] LeBron James Attends Son Bryce James’ Varisty Debut, After his NIL Valuation Climbs to $903,000

The LeBron James family looks set to take over the NBA. With the looming arrival of Bronny James in the NBA, looks like his younger brother Bryce James is also gearing up for an NBA takeover.

The genetics of the James family must be something that future generations can study. Producing not one but two potential kids who will play in the NBA is no mean feat. And to have been a great player yourself? Must be some kind of miracle.

While we can sit and discuss all the chances of the brothers, the truth of the matter is that being linked to LeBron’s name is enough. As long as they show even a shred of talent, they will make it.

Bronny for one is already looking like an NBA-ready prospect. As per various scouts and our own breakdown, the young point guard is ready to ascend to the NBA. We reckon he will be a top-30 pick by the time he enters his draft class. But what about young Bryce?

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LeBron James in attendance as Bryce James makes varsity debut

LeBron took some time to see his younger son make his varsity debut for Sierra Canyon. And he looked crafty tonight. Sure the opposition was a bunch of young kids and the technical level might be akin to that of blossoming young players but we can see the signs.

Bronny was shifty, and he showed a lot of strength and poise to make some finishes around the post. Just take a look at the separation he created for his first bucket.

Bryce James just scored his first varsity bucket 🔥🪣 @SCanyonSports pic.twitter.com/55BTo5qT1Y

— SLAM HS Hoops (@SLAM_HS) November 17, 2022

But more importantly, he would have been thrilled to see his dad in the crowd. LeBron’s support for his sons is something every parent should take cues from.

LeBron pulled up to watch Bryce James make his varsity debut at Sierra Canyon tonight 👀🚨 pic.twitter.com/lcHthnr54o

— SLAM HS Hoops (@SLAM_HS) November 17, 2022

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Bryce’s stock has gone up, his NIL valuation is now $903,000

While he may have made his varsity debut today, looks like scouts are wasting no time. After seeing him at the Peach Jam and other circuits, Bryce got his first college offer just this summer.

Bryce James announced that he has received his first D1 offer from @DuqMBB.

👀🔥 pic.twitter.com/fabGYiS1zy

— Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) August 22, 2022

This led to a big bump in his NIL valuation and as per ON3, it is sitting near $1 million. $903,000 to be precise. He is still some ways from his elder brother’s insane 7.2 million valuations, but he’ll get there.

One day after Bryce James, the younger son of LeBron James, received his first scholarship offer from Duquesne, his On3 NIL Valuation has climbed to $903,000.

His brother, Bronny, currently has an NIL evaluation of $7.2 million.

More from @AndyWittry: https://t.co/TY3S6yledL pic.twitter.com/pWxn06uYbQ

— On3 NIL (@On3NIL) August 23, 2022

What do you make of Bryce’s debut? Will he ever play in the NBA?

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