Lost father in factory blast: Home furnishings sold; Ran in injury for ₹ 10 thousand, won gold in Khelo India

[Divya Bharat] Lost father in factory blast: Home furnishings sold; Ran in injury for ₹ 10 thousand, won gold in Khelo India

Bhopaljust moments agoAuthor: Rajkishore

17-year-old Busra Khan won the gold medal in the 3000 meters race event of the Khelo India Youth Games. The athlete from Sehore in Madhya Pradesh secured the first position with a timing of 10.04.29 minutes. There was a leg injury before the competition, but she ran with an inspiration of Rs 10,000 and accepted the medal.

The journey till here was not easy for Busra. Father passed away in a factory blast a few months back. The front of the house was sold. Even after this, he continued working hard and won gold.

The Khelo India Games are currently being held in different cities of the state including Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhaskar’s team is visiting these cities to bring inspirational stories of athletes to its readers. Bhaskar also had a special conversation with Busra and his mother. In the next story, we will know the success story of his struggle in his own words.

Came to Bhopal in 2016Busra says, ‘In 2016, at the age of 12, I got selected in Bhopal’s Athletics Academy. Practiced here under the supervision of coach SK Prasad. Worked hard at the state level and got selected at the national level. It was a dream to win gold, it was fulfilled in 2023. Earlier in 2019, the bronze medal was received.

Busra Khan takes training in Bhopal itself. He won gold on Saturday.

fond of running since childhoodBusra told, ‘I like running, I was fond of running since childhood. Abbu used to take the younger sisters to the ground of Sehore. As long as he was there, everything was fine. But, after his departure, the problems increased.

father died in factory blastBusra said, ‘Last year in May, the father died in the chemical factory blast in Sehore. Houses have been built for the laborers in the factory. My whole family lived there. At the time of the blast, the father was working in the workshop of the factory. Mother and younger sisters were at home. I was still in the academy when I came to know about this news.

household goods soldBusra’s mother Shahnaz Khan said, ‘After the girls’ father left, all the things in the house were sold. Ration also started coming due to the kindness of others. Even the quarter made in the factory had to be abandoned. Busra is in the academy but the younger sisters have stopped going to the ground.

Busra with mother and two sisters.

The family is in a rented houseBusra told, ‘The mother now lives in a rented house with both the sisters. The house rent goes from the compensation received by the father. The government has now made the education of all three of us free. I am in college, younger sister Darksha is in ninth and Ariya is in seventh standard.

She said that coach sir sometimes helps. He gets them ration. Sometimes help is also received from the district administration.

‘Daughter won medal for the country’Busra lives in the academy located in Bhopal. Where all kinds of facilities are available for them to run with basic facilities. A mother’s dream is that her daughter should win a medal for the country. He told that the daughter also gives him the prize money in the competition so that the needs of the house can be met.

Was injured, but ran for 10 thousandThe mother told that the daughter had an injury in her left leg before the competition. But, she ran to win Rs 10,000 and accepted the medal. Actually, the MP government gives 10 thousand rupees for scholarship and pocket money to the athletes who win gold in Khelo India Youth Games. With this money, Busra fulfills the financial needs of her family.

Busra with coach SK Prasad after winning the medal.

‘Had there been a father, he would have been happy’Busra told that she was very nervous before the race. But coach sir encouraged me. He was constantly guiding me during the race. After the victory, Busra became emotional and said, ‘The medal is very important for me. Had father been here, he would have been more happy. This medal is for him only.

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