Louis Farrakhan’s Estimated Net Worth 2022: Who is the Wife of Louis Farrakhan?

[Publicist Library] Louis Farrakhan’s Estimated Net Worth 2022: Who is the Wife of Louis Farrakhan?

The Nation of Islam is led by Louis Farrakhan. Louis Eugene Walcott was born on May 11, 1933. Former singer, black supremacist, and anti-white conspiracy theorist (NOI).

He was a calypso performer before to joining the NOI. He went by the stage name Calypso Gene. In the past, he served as the minister of mosques in Boston and Harlem, and former Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad appointed him as the NOI’s National Representative. Before he was known as Louis Farrakhan, he was known as Louis X.

Louis Farrakhan Life History

Louis Farrakhan is a well-known politician who was born on May 11, 1933 in the United States. In 1995, as a Nation of Islam pastor, he led the Million Man March, where he urged black men to rededicate themselves to their families and communities.

During his lengthy career, he has served as the minister of prominent mosques in both Boston and Harlem. Astrologers assert that Louis Farrakhan’s star sign is Taurus.

Early Years

Louis Farrakhan was born in New York City on May 11, 1933. He was given the name Louis Eugene Walcott at birth. Sarah, his mother, raised him. Before he was born, his father, Percival, left the family, thus he never met him. After the termination of her romance with Percival, Sarah moved in with Louis Walcott.


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The stepfather of Louis and his older brother was Percival. Following Walcott’s death in 1936, his family relocated to Boston. Louis began playing the violin at the age of five, and by the age of twelve, he was travelling with the Boston College Orchestra.

Louis attended Boston Latin School and English High School before being awarded a track scholarship to Winston-Salem Teachers College. He also won national competitions and appeared on “The Original Ted Mack Amateur Hour.” After his third year of college, he dropped out in order to spend more time with his wife and child.

Information & Trivia

Louis was ranked among the most prominent politicians. Also included on the exclusive list of well-known Americans. On his birthday, May 11, Louis Farrakhan throws a party every year.

Personal Life

We have data indicating that Louis Farrakhan married Khadijah Farrakhan. As of May 2022, Louis Farrakhan is not dating anyone.


Who Louis Farrakhan dated in the past is unknown. You may be able to help us determine Louis Farrakhan’s date of birth.

Louis Jr., Mustapha, Donna, Abner, Joshua, Betsy-Jean, Maria, Khallada, and Fatima were their nine children. Louis Jr., who had a cardiac condition, passed away in 2018 at the age of 60.

Since 2022, Farrakhan has publicly supported Dianetics, and he has requested that NOI members participate in the auditing process of the Church of Scientology. Additionally, the NOI hosts Dianetics workshops and commencements.

In 1991, Farrakhan was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated with hormones. In 1994, when the cancer returned, it was treated using brachytherapy seed implants. When it returned in 1999 and caused complications, he was forced to have emergency surgery.

In September 2006, Louis disclosed to everyone that he had a peptic ulcer and had lost 35 pounds due to multiple illnesses. He spent five weeks in the hospital and underwent abdominal surgery to repair the harm caused by the brachytherapy seed implants. In October 2022, Farrakhan suffered a heart attack and had stents placed.


Louis began travelling the United States as a vocalist in the 1950s. He was known as “The Charmer” and “Calypso Gene” and recorded numerous calypso songs. His friend Rodney Smith told him about the Nation of Islam in 1955, and Elijah Muhammad’s Saviours’ Day address was the first time he heard about the organisation.

That year, Louis joined the NOI in July. Prior to receiving his Islamic name, Farrakhan, which means “registered Muslim, registered believer, or registered labourer,” he was known as Louis X. Next Muhammad’s demand that the group’s musicians choose between NOI and music the following summer, Louis gave up music.


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Soon after joining the Boston Temple of Islam, Farrakhan was appointed Malcolm X’s assistant minister. When Malcolm X relocated to a New York City temple, Farrakhan became its minister.

After the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, Louis was granted several of his previous jobs. He was appointed minister at the famous Harlem Mosque and national representative and spokesperson for the NOI. He held these positions until 1975.

Muhammad passed away in 1975, and his son Warith Deen Mohammed succeeded him as leader of the Nation of Islam. He shifted the organisation closer to orthodox Islam and renamed it the American Society of Muslims from the NOI World Community of Islam in the West.

Farrakhan joined the movement and briefly served as a Sunni Imam. Mohammed began to refer to him as Abdul-Haleem. In 1978, Louis left the American Society of Muslims and resolved to reassemble the original NOI. In 1982, Farrakhan’s new organisation celebrated Saviours’ Day and reclaimed the name “Nation of Islam.”

Louis organised the Million Man March in 1995, which was attended by over 440,000 people and featured speeches from notable African-Americans such as Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Jesse Jackson, and others.

Awards & Achievements

Farrakhan was among the first black individuals to perform on Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour. The year was 1946. He received an award for his participation. The fact that one of his songs was in the top 100 on the Billboard Chart for five years demonstrates how talented he is as a musician.

Aside from his medals and achievements, Farrakhan’s socially oriented efforts demonstrated his leadership intelligence. His recitation of ten questions and answers from the NOI student enrollment exam is the most notable aspect of his work.

Real Estate

Elijah Muhammad had the Egyptian architect M. Momen construct five residences for him in the Woodlawn district of Chicago during the 1970s. Supposedly, Louis Farrakhan currently has a mansion with 21 rooms, which is one of these residences.

The Wealth of Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan is a religious leader worth $5 million in the United States. Farrakhan amassed his wealth through his leadership and brief musical career. As the leader of the NOI (Nation of Islam) movement, he rose to prominence.

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Louis joined the organisation in 1955 and was instrumental in preserving the basic beliefs of Elijah Muhammad, the NOI’s leader for many years. People have either admired or attacked Farrakhan for his controversial political views and vocal communication style, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has labelled him an anti-Semite.

Louis spearheaded the 1995 Million Man March in Washington, D.C., as well as the 2015 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March: Justice or Else. Farrakhan is still active in the NOI, although because to health issues, he has significantly less responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Louis Farrakhan Play the Violin?

Mr. Farrakhan played the violin on television in 1946, when he appeared on “The Ted Mack Amateur Hour,” but he essentially gave up the instrument in 1951 when he attended Winston-Salem State University on a track scholarship.

Who is the Wife of Louis Farrakhan?

Khadijah Farrakhan (born Betsy Ross) is the wife of Nation of Islam Supreme Leader Louis Farrakhan. She holds the title “First Lady of the Nation of Islam.” Mustapha Farrakhan Jr.

What is Louis Farrakhan’s Estimated Net Worth?

Louis Farrakhan is a religious leader worth $5 million in the United States.