MDG Leader David Ochieng Opens Up About His Relationship With Orengo

[] MDG Leader David Ochieng Opens Up About His Relationship With Orengo

Ugenya legislator and the Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) party leader David Ochieng on Wednesday, November 16, refuted claims that there was bad blood between him and Siaya Governor James Orengo.

The MP, who was initially affiliated to Azimio, before he joined Kenya Kwanza, clarified that the speculations about a rift between him and the veteran politician and lethal lawyer surfaced after the 2007 elections.

It is after that period that he had plans to ouster him in the elections that followed, 2013. He further clarified that his move was informed the plight of the people of Ugenya.

Ugenya MP David Ochieng' with Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, Saturday, March 14, 2020


Opiyo Wandayi

He felt Orengo, who was then Minister of Lands, was not delivering as a representative of the people.

"After he won the elections I got a masters scholarship abroad I stayed there for 2 years.  When I came back I found things the same and at that time he was the minister for lands and we could see people fear running against him.

I decided I to run against him. Luckily the new constitution came into force and Ugenya constituency was divided into two. I felt Ugenya was lagging behind, especially in infrastructure, agriculture, roads, and I had a rich manifesto on what I wanted to do” he noted.

Ochieng stated that he had much hope in Orengo since he had been in parliament for a long time. By the time he was elected, the controversial Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was introduced hence raising his hopes that Orengo would use the funds appropriately develop Ugenya.

“The 2007 elections were too consequential for the constituency. It saw two difficult gentlemen Steve Mwanga and Orengo. We stood with Orengo.

CDF had just been introduced and we thought this man had been in parliament for long without  CDF. We thought with CDF we could work with him to do a couple of things,” Ochieng remarked.

The MP further stated that his love for Orengo dates back to his childhood when he was his role model. 

He stated that his political life and career in law were greatly influenced by the former Siaya Senator.

“I like him. I joined politics because when I was growing up Orengo used to inspire us. I studied law because he used to inspire us,” he stated.

After joining Ruto's Kenya Kwanza, Ochieng was accused of lying to the electorate that he was in Azimio in order to ascend to power.

But for Ruto, he had hit a jackpot.

"I am very happy to welcome MDG to the Kenya Kwanza family. We have been in consultation for the last few weeks and this morning we have concluded the agreement. This makes MGD part of the Kenya Kwanza fraternity," Ruto stated then.

Ochieng noted that MDG was the piece of the puzzle missing in the Kenya Kwanza Coalition.

"We are going to make sure we move as a country and for the very first time, build bridges and networks across Kenya," the MP noted.

President-elect William Ruto shaking hands with MDG party leader David Ochieng alongside other politicians on Friday August 26 2022 at Karen Nairobi