St Kevin's College senior prizes

[Otago Daily Times] St Kevin's College senior prizes

Dux Fergus McMullan. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

St Kevin's College senior prize-giving was held recently. Awards were made as follows:

Year 11

Olli McDiarmid-Jones (swimming under-16 boys); Scott Warwood (outstanding service to maths); Ava Andersen (swimming under-16 girls); Charlotte Smith (girls hockey most consistent player); Aaliyah Watson (girls hockey tournament MVP); Paolo Mordeno (1st English literacy, boys hockey most improved player); Bailie Lynch (overall contribution to rowing); Melita Misiloi (1st food and nutrition); Jada-Rose Keno (basketball most improved player top 5 female); Chris Duff (1st product design, 1st hard materials, small bore top shooter); Hana Davies (1st visual arts); Liam Cameron (basketball most improved player top 5 male); Adeline Bailey (1st music, formal writing); Drewbert Monoy (1st equal year 11 scripture reading); Lachlan McEwan (best actor, best male lead in school production, rugby most promising player under-16); Emma Gillies (1st agriculture and horticultural science); Nye Jones-Hogan (rowing most improved junior); Kristiana Whiston (1st textiles); Maiya Grant (netball most improved player senior B); Molly-May Mestrom (1st religious studies); Cheska Tion (1st maths); Lloyd Fellowes (1st equal math algebra); Oliver Davison (1st equal creative writing, 1st DVC, 1st science); Johan Gulinao (volleyball male MVP, 1st business studies, 1st equal math algebra); Bridie McGeown (1st equal year 11 scripture reading, 1st equal creative writing, athletics under-15 girls, 1st theatre studies, 1st English, 1st PE, 1st history).

Year 12

Zoe Meggitt-Sinclair (1st English literacy); Keelee Williamson (most improved equestrian, athletics under-16 girls); Jessica Crossley (basketball leadership and service); Ginny Xie (1st equals physics, outstanding service to maths); Will Read (1st product design hard materials); Diana Flores (1st photography, 1st textiles); Simone Wilson (1st painting, 1st creative writing); Joemer Bueza (1st design); Hamish Dodd (rugby most improved player 1st XV, 1st trades academy); Hayden Sanford (boys hockey tournament MVP); Sam McCarthy (rugby under-16 MVP); Maia Clunie (netball most improved player senior); Latisha Wilson (1st financial literacy); Bree Rutherford (1st equal construction); Rhiannon Wellings (1st tourism studies); Anika Winders (1st year 12 scripture reading, girls rugby most improved player, netball most consistent player senior B); Samuel Plieger (1st religious studies); Kara Herbst (1st gateway, 1st equal construction, girls rugby best forward); Zaria Kira (1st equal construction, girls rugby MVP); Riley Little (1st senior boys singing); Tessa Souness (1st PE); Samantha Gillies (1st agricultural and horticultural science, girls rugby best back); Rynea Sheehy (1st senior duet); Maikey Quiachon (1st song in another language, volleyball female MVP, girls football tournament MVP); Ianna Abuyabor (1st formal writing); Oshyn Guthrie (contribution to chapel choir, contribution to music); April Linares Fontona (1st media studies, girls football best player, service to football, rowing team contribution female); Camden Burge (athletics under-16 boys, cross country under-16 boys,); Mackenzie Klemick (1st English, 1st DVC, 1st statistics, 1st history, netball most improved player senior A); Chloe Wilson (1st chemistry, 1st biology, 1st equal calculus, 1st music); Olivia Mavor (1st senior high performance sport, 1st food and nutrition, 1st equal physics, 1st statistics, athletics senior girls sprint, basketball best all round senior female, cross country senior girls, senior A netball captain, senior A most consistent player, swimming senior girls).

Year 13

Alysha Melecio (1st painting); Hunter Reading (Equity scholarship with Ara, Network Waitaki scholarship); Hamish Coutts (boys hockey most consistent player); Zane Weir (boys hockey most promising player, service to hockey); Ella Nelson (girls hockey captain 1st XI); Henry Mataio (athletics senior boys field events); Amelia Wilkinson (netball emerging player, 1st equal PE); Christiane McLeod (1st equal PE, University of Canterbury Hiranga scholarship, University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui scholarship); Samuel Prouting-Gardner (boys football best player); Carlin Huang (boys football fairest player); Katelyn Walton (1st biology, college piper, best girls cricketer, North Otago Federated Farmers scholarship, FMG rural tertiary scholarship); Nadine Jellyman (1st food and nutrition); Vince Vidallon (1st year 13 scripture reading); Sarah Herbst (1st senior girls singing, 1st senior duet, best female lead in school production, University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui scholarship, Teschemakers ex-pupils centennial scholarship award); Kaliopeta Katoa (leading Pacifica cultural group choreographer); Ash McFarlane (best emerging artist, 1st design); Madison Jones (best school student photographer); Cushla Bridges (best speaker in senior debates, University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow entrance scholarship); Kathryn Johnson (1st creative writing); Nakita Parish (best actress, 1st theatre studies, 1st textiles, New Zealand School of Tourism student of the year scholarship); Edward Guerin (1st product design, 1st agricultural and horticultural science); Charli McCorkindale (University of Otago 150th entrance scholarship); Beau Beadle (rugby best back 1st XV); Georgia Fox (1st photography, 1st DVC, 1st media studies); Harry Murphy (1st construction, trapshooting best skeet shooter, trapshooting DTL highgun); Liam Direen (basketball best all-round senior male, cricket captain 1st XI, cricket best batsman 1st XI, cricket best all-rounder); Georgina McCarthy (best conductor house choirs, athletics senior girls, athletics senior girls field events); Georgia Brown (University of Otago New Frontiers excellence entrance scholarship); Jesse Valpy (University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow entrance scholarship); Sophia Sam (University of Otago Pacific Peoples' entrance scholarship); Maleng Crowe (1st equal calculus, University of Canterbury Hiranga scholarship); Corbin Fraser (1st equal calculus, swimming senior boys); Liam Prouting-Gardner (University of Otago 150th entrance scholarship, athletics senior boys, cross country senior boys, senior boys sprint); Brooke Mackenzie (1st English, 1st formal writing, 1st history, 1st religious studies, University of Otago New Frontiers excellence entrance scholarship); Ben Kay (University of Otago New Frontiers excellence entrance scholarship, cricket best bowler 1st XI, rugby captain 1st XV, best and fairest player, best forward); Fergus McMullan (1st sculpture, University of Otago Academic Excellence entrance scholarship, 1st physics, 1st chemistry, University of Canterbury Horomata scholarship, University of Canterbury Hiranga scholarship, University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui scholarship, University of Canterbury Engineering Top Achievers scholarship).

Special Prizes

Blues: Dance (Olivia Mavor); Football (April Linares Fontana); Cricket and rugby (Ben Kay); Touch (Camden Burge); Cricket (Lloyd Fellowes); Rugby (Georgina McCarthy); Cricket (Liam Direen); Athletics (Liam Prouting-Gardner); Equestrian (Emma Gillies); Equestrian (Samantha Gillies); Trapshooting (Maleng Crowe); Skeet team (Harry Murphy and Levi Julian); Trapshooting (Aaliyah Watson); Senior sportswoman (Olivia Mavor); Senior sportsman (Ben Kay); Outstanding student contribution (Jessica Crossley); Outstanding sportsman (Liam Prouting-Gardner); Outstanding sportswoman (Samantha Gillies); Senior cultural male (Lachlan McEwan); Senior cultural female (Sarah Herbst and Oshyn Guthrie); Masonic Lodge scholarship (Ash McFarlane); Teschemakers trophy (Cushla Bridges); Bill Higgins memorial trophy (Jesse Valpy); BC Marlow cup (Fergus McMullan); Br BJ Lauren cup (Christiane McLeod); Te Mana Wahine Whakatipu female (Oshyn Guthrie); Roko Watesoni Tawatatau Tuapati Loloma award (Anish Raj); Trades Academy prize (Hamish Dodd); Otago Polytech Principal’s Leadership award (Kathryn Johnson); Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence award (Tyler Williamson); critical thinking (Fergus McMullan);

Teacher and staff awards: Outstanding contribution to the college (Jennifer Herbst); Teacher of the year (Amelia Davies); Ryan Moynihan affability award (Anish Raj); Margaret Crombie memorial tertiary award (Christiane McLeod); 1st aggregate year 11 (Adeline Bailey); 1st aggregate year 12 (Chloe Wilson); Junior participation in college life (Bridie McGeown); Senior participation in college life (April Linares Fontona); Junior general excellence (Jacob Harrison); Senior general excellence (Olivia Mavor); Proxime accessit (Christiane McLeod); Dux (Fergus McMullan).