Talentcity Energy’s skills acquisition programme to boost economic development effort

[Naija News] Talentcity Energy’s skills acquisition programme to boost economic development effort

Olatayo Ajiboye, CEO, Talencity Energy

Talentcity Energy, a renewable energy development company, has reiterated its commitment to closing the skills gap in the renewable energy sector as part of its contribution to the achievement of the Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP).

Speaking about the company’s plan, its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olatayo Ajiboye, said in a statement on Sunday in Lagos that the company was committed to doing this to support the government’s economic development efforts.

Ajiboye said the company was stepping up its youth empowerment program with three trainings scheduled for the rest of the year.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that Talentcity Energy is one of Nigeria’s leading players in the renewable energy sector, which is rapidly building a reputation as a one-stop-shop for skills acquisition.

He has been involved in training young Nigerians as solar installers, energy auditors, system analysts and designers, as well as energy costing and management.

According to him, the sector has an estimated market value of $9 billion per year in Nigeria for solar home systems and mini-grids alone.

He added that the skills acquisition program would also contribute to national development because it would address the obvious gap between the demand for home solar systems and the shortage of experts to handle projects for homes and businesses.

In recognition of its potential, the Federal Government introduced renewable energy into the National Energy Policy in 2003; and came three years later to create the Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP).

The successful implementation of the government’s master plan is expected to result in sufficient sources of wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and hydroelectric power to provide the equivalent of the total capacity of the grid in use today.

The Nigerian market for solar home systems is estimated at $2 billion, and Ajiboye estimates that four out of five Nigerian households lack efficient and stable electricity supply; even when an estimated 85 per cent of Nigerians still lack access to the electricity grid.

Ajiboye said the skills acquisition program would also help address rising unemployment among the country’s youth with skills that can put them immediately to work as Solar-Tricians.

According to him, the company’s seven-day intensive training is a life-changing programme, as unemployed youth can go from earning nothing to earning an average of N300,000 per month as solar installers, energy auditors, analysts of systems and designers.

Talentcity Energy specializes in the deployment of clean, sustainable, specialized and profitable solutions for different target audiences.

His solutions range from commercial to utility markets and he has been involved in training solar installers through hands-on and theoretical training.

He does this through his Talentcity Solar-Trician Training Academy.

“Our solar training seeks to equip participants with a thorough understanding of the theories of photovoltaic solar systems and their installation through practical sessions.

“Our experienced trainers and professionals take participants through delivered sessions and hands-on training,” said the CEO.

Ajiboye revealed that the first of the three training sessions scheduled for the year begins on November 27, while the second would begin on December 6.

He also said that the third of the year would start on December 15.

Ajiboye added that the company was offering a partial scholarship to the first 100 young people to sign up for one of the three trainings scheduled for the year.

According to him, it means they will be allowed to sign up for a discounted price of N40,000 compared to the usual N70,000.


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